Locaholic is a mission-driven, mobile eCommerce platform that supports local specialty stores by making their high-quality, fresh-tasting products easily available in extended communities. Specialty stores are part of the fabric of every neighborhood and Locaholic enables them to provide the convenience of online shopping, associated with big box retailers, without requiring additional staff resources. Locaholic is designed in a way that local stores can maintain their uniqueness and independence without being lost in a singular brand experience.

For shoppers, this means that they are now able to order the high-quality and fresh-tasting products from their favorite local specialty stores in the comfort of their own homes. Locaholic provides both pick-up and delivery options, so customers still have the choice as to how they want to shop. By showcasing the best specialty stores that our communities have to offer, shoppers are better able to strengthen community ties and buy local.

Beyond the Big Box, Inc, founded in 2021, is an innovator in eCommerce. Locaholic, its first product, is a mobile application and e-commerce platform for local specialty stores.